envases is a reliable and flexible partner

An independent company has interviewed customers of envases were asked about their satisfaction and possible needs they have regarding envases.
The response to this Customer Satisfaction Survey was high. Which showing the great involvement between customer and supplier. Spontaneous associations with envases are very positive (82%).


Positive associations are mainly 'trustworthy', 'tincans' and 'flexible'. Flexibility is also reflected in the top 3 most frequently cited motivations for cooperating with envases (2nd place). The most frequently mentioned motivation is service and in  third place is mentioned price / performance ratio.
The high percentage of positive associations with envases translates into an average score of 7.9 out of 10, with about half of the respondents giving a score of 8. Aspects related to account / sales manager, order intake and delivery are on average the most positive (8.4). People are least satisfied with the aspect of product range (but still on average of 7.5). Aspects price / quality ratio, product quality and leadtime prove to customers the most important.
Regarding service, respondents are most in need of a designated contact within the organization (33%) and technical support (24%).
envases scores a positive NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 9%. This means that there are percentage more promoters (very satisfied clients who actively share their satisfaction with others) than detractors (those who express their dissatisfaction to other people)  envases customers are loyal to the organization. nine out of ten respondents indicate that they are, for the next few years, (very) likely to use envases.
Nearly six out of ten respondents expect the use of tin packaging in their business will remain roughly the same over the next 5 years. Nearly one-third expects usage will increase during that period. .
Over three quarters of customers (78%) think that the use of tin packaging in general will remain.
customers of envases are satisfied and loyal and the products supplied by envases will remain relevant in the future.
Improving the time of response, keep the focus on price / quality ratio, possible additions to the product range and technical support, can result in an even stronger bond between envases and its  customers.

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