Metal packaging for paint, food and chemical industry

Our Mission

To provide premium quality and sustainable metal packaging solutions for worldwide distribution of our customer's products in a safe and reliable way

Our Vision

To work in close cooperation with our customers and exceed their expectations in delivering premium products and services. To be an attractive place to work in, a safe environment where people can take initiatives and work with an inspired and motivated team. To respect our planet by bringing sustainable products on the market, manufactured in a sustainable way. To be an efficient and flexible organization that realizes continuous improvement and qualitative growth

Paint in cans

Paint in cans

Cans are a perfect and reliable packaging solution for products such as paint, coatings, wood-preservers etc..

Chemicals in cans

Chemicals in cans

For many years, cans have been the ideal packaging material for storing and transporting hazardous substances.

Food in cans

Food in cans

Food in a can. You find it the world over for more then 200 years already.



Printing on tinplate

We can print your design directly on tinplate

metal is a permanent material

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