New ERP application

Recently Board of Directors of envases decided to upgrade the actual ERP application. Metal packaging solutions and up-to-date IT systems go hand in hand.
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the central software application that runs our daily routines to supply our valued customers with our products and services. During last semester a project group was established, composed of management and key staff, who reviewed the actual situation and defined future requirements regarding the ERP application and the complementary infrastructure.


The company was assisted by IPL Advies, an independent advisory company based in Eindhoven. IPL was assigned by management to advise on “ERP ready for the future”. Based on this task IPL determined the processes, possible improvements, investigated the specific requirements and interviewed management and key staff of envases. This input was matched against their database, containing key characteristics of all current ERP-applications, to get the best fit.
Based on the reported findings, available resources and budget, IPL advised management to upgrade the actual XE version of JD Edwards to the newest version 9.1.

Second stage was the search for a professional implementation partner. Out of three Dutch Oracle Platinum Partners, we choose Steltix (Utrecht) as they offered the most suitable project plan and cost. The plan consists of 2 phases : 1st  : an ‘as-is’ technical upgrade to the new JD Edwards version 9.1 with cleanse of data set which will go live on January 1st, 2016;  2nd : additional analysis tools and reporting to implement during 1st semester 2016.
In the third stage the applicable database, infrastructure and organisation was chosen. Because of actual technical opportunities regarding infrastructure, ICT organisation, cost management and multi-accessibility, we preferred to have the key application in ‘the cloud’. Working in the cloud has many opportunities and advantages such as system- and license management, operability, scalability and independency of location and multi-device. A stable and fast internet connection is key. For this reason we choose Utica – Vianen as our cloud service partner. Applications and data are stored, managed and serviced at premium secured servers in The Southeast AMS 5 data centre in Amsterdam.
On May 27th, 2015 the kick-off meeting was held in Halsteren. Management and staff were informed about the planning and content of the project. During 2nd semester of 2015 the project plan will be executed by Steltix, IPL and local key staff In order to have a successful go-live end of December 2015. As management we wish all involved colleagues all required success and persistence in coming months! We are confident this step will put us even closer to our customers and further improve our flexibility in providing metal packaging solutions.

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