pack2pack changes name to Envases



Dear customer, 

As you probably know pack2pack  is owned by globally renowned Envases Universales since 2019. Now, the time has come to make the affiliation of all Envases Universales 56 factories very clear to create a globally aligned company structure with an easily recognizable identity. 
So, on 15 January 2020, pack2pack changed their name to Envases. One brand for all to remember.

The name, however, is the only thing that changes. Your contact person or the team you’re working with today remains the same – and naturally so do the high-quality products and high level of service you’re accustomed to.
All you have to pay attention to are our new e-mail addresses and the new URL 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Kind regard

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