PPG Excellent Supplier

For the 2nd time in 5 years envases has received the PPG Excellent Supplier Award.


As renowed metal packaging producer we are very pride to be chosen out of more than 6,000 candidates. The professionalism and flexibility of our people allows to deliver premium products and services and this is appreciated by our customers. We will continue our efforts to improve and aim at a 3rd Excellent Supplier Award in the coming years.

What we offer, at a glance:

  • Quality and flexibility
  • Around 70 years of experience
  • Tailor-made products and service
  • Standard and customer-specific designs
  • Environmental awareness
  • Certification to ISO 9001
  • Certification to FSSC 22000
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • Competitive pricing

Printing on tinplate

We can print your design directly on tinplate

metal is a permanent material

The Greiff group