Stichting Kringloop Blik

One of envasess vision statements is “To respect our planet by bringing sustainable products on the market, manufactured in a sustainable way”. 

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Our raw material is extensively recycled and therefore making metal packagings is already one way to comply with this vision.
At the end of December 2016 we had our end of year celebration and during this event we raffled ten bikes amongst our employees. These bikes, made of metal, are a part of the recycling campaign initiated by Stichting Kringloop Blik (SKB). On the website you can follow the journey of our metal packaging after usage. Metal recycles for ever and therefor it is one of the most sustainable and least polluting raw materials on earth.
SKB wants to reach all people living in the Netherlands and make them aware of the advantages of metal packagings. We as envases fully support this initiative. At this moment 94% of all cans are yet being recycled and together we can even improve this figure.
We wish the lucky ten employees a lot of fun with their bikes.

Printing on tinplate

We can print your design directly on tinplate

metal is a permanent material

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