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Located in the picturesque village of Halsteren, Netherlands, is can and pail producer envases, a company with a rich history within metal packaging.

In 1942, a local smith named Frijters started pro­ducing coal scuttles and galvanised baths under the name of Plametha. In 1968 this company started producing smaller tinplate packages. In 1970 the UK company Blagden Packaging acquired the shares of Plametha. For some decades after that, the company flourished as a mid-size supplier of these specific metal packages. In 2011 the leading US-based drum supplier Greif acquired Plametha, and at that moment it became better known as envases. 

In 2014 the management of envases success­fully completed a management buyout, backed by the Dutch investment company Gilde Equity Management. The manager of envases who has been most actively engaged in the changes in the last few decades is Chris Paelinck, CEO. 



Chris Paelinck makes it very clear that the man­agement of envases is very happy to have the right investment company on board supporting the buyout, and how beneficial it has been in their case.

“Quite soon after the takeover by Greif we found that we did not really fit into their core portfolio of Greif with its heavy focus on drums and IBC’s and only negligible commercial interests in small metal packages, explains Paelinck. “However, we had to move with the times. We were faced with overcapacity and therefore we wanted to grow and expand our geographical markets. 

"Our management team discussed the issue thoroughly and we got more and more convinced that an independent status would be a step forward for our company, providing we would have a solid financial backing from an appropriate investment company. We were convinced that we had a lot to offer to an outside investor. “Financially our company is in good health, it has been profitable over the years and there is a wealth of expertise within the management team and the total workforce. People like to work for our com­pany and our team has an average of 16 years of working for us.” 

With the decision made, the management of envases then got into contact with the Dutch private equity firm Gilde Equily Management. Glide focus exclusively on the Benelux mid-mar­ket segment and invest in international compa­nies in the Netherlands and Belgium. With their experience of over 30 years in investments in a large number of mid-size companies, they turned out to be the right partner in the MBO process according to Paelinck. 

"They are a strong partner and they know exactly how to deal with the delicate process of acquiring a company,” he says. “They sit with you at the negotiation table, they are well respected by big companies because of their long experience in deals like this and they have strong financial funding." 

The new envases set-up started to work out very well. A clear example of this is where for many years they had to delay the investment in a new welder which was necessary to ensure a better welding quality, and a higher efficiency and shorter set-up time in the production line for an important can size. Paelinck takes up the story: 

"Soon after the buyout we had a meeting with the Gilde team about our proposed investment and in that same meeting the decision was taken - go ahead they said immediately! In September 2015 the new Canman body welder was installed and it has proven to be a very good investment." 

When we walked through the plant, Paelinck took me to a 153mm can line, where engineers were busy installing a completely new back-end part, called Bodypack, supplied by the French company Sabatier, part of Soudronic. This invest­ment will lead to higher speeds, better quality and higher efficiency. 

"That is the nice thing about Gilde," Paelinck says. “The team members think along with you and they are open to investments as soon as you can show they make sense. You can imagine how extremely motivating it is for our total work force to see these investments now moving into our plant. We have been working for two years in this new set-up and we have reached the financial tar­gets we set ourselves in our business plan. It gives so much satisfaction and appetite to do better, especially as a company.” 


envases is supplying cans and pails for paints, chemicals and food. Paelinck is rather satisfied about the volume development for his company in these market segments: 

"In the last two years, all three market segments have shown growth, though the food market for our can business is quite volatile, moving as it is in line with the moves iin tender markets like ghee for example. We really want to grow our business within Europe in the coming years and our invest­ments are in line with that goal. Not only did we increase the capacity of the pail assembling line, but we also took some bottle necks away on our production line for diameter 153mm cans. 

"Another goal we want to reach by investments like this is to avoid working in three shifts instead of two shifts on certain lines, as this puts the organisation under too much pressure and is relatively expensive. One of our strong points is that we produce everything ourselves in-house. We coat, we print, we make the cans or pails and we make the components to complete the cans or pails. 

"In 2017 we are going to further invest in the production of components like bottoms and ends, rings for paint cans and the assembly of the plastic handles. We are also investing in equip­ment that enables us to offer stackable cans if it is required by the customer. All this will lead to a broader assortment which we can offer to new and existing customers.’’ 

envases recognises the importance of sup­porting customers with various services. “We offer actively a wide range of supporting services for the filling lines of our customers,” he says. “For that purpose we team up with our customers and we look together for the best solution. Regularly we have developed tailor-made closing equip­ment for specific customers. Then, together wich a manufacturer of closing equipment, we design a new manual or semi-automatic closing device. These kinds of support are highly appreciated by our customers.”


Paelinck is quite positive about the position of envases as he explains: “Our own longstanding expertise and the strong backing of our partner Gilde Equity Management enables us to realise further growth, not only in our home market but also abroad. 

“We operate with our metal packaging business in a positive environment with our proven recy­cling record of 95 per cent. Talking about the Circular Economy, what more do you want? As a member of the Dutch association MVN, and in turn a member of Empack, we actively support their efforts like the current awareness campaign ‘I am recycling cans’. The years ahead look good for our company.”

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