envases Metal Packaging - Our history

envases Halsteren is based in the Netherlands. The focus of this branch is fully geared towards the production and supply of industrial tinplate packaging. Back in 1942 when the company was founded, things were very different. Operating under the name Plametha, the company produced items including coal scuttles and galvanized baths. Steel drums were added to the range at a later stage. Back then, the machines used in the production process were constructed in house. Looking back, that was quite an achievement, though we say so ourselves. 

You might also know us by the name Blagden Packaging, which was our name for quite some years, until 2006 in fact, the year in which steel drum production was sold and the name Blagden Packaging was changed to envases. Since then, the production and supply of tinplate packaging for the food and paint industries and the chemical sector has formed our core. 

envases Halsteren today 

Custom work, quality, flexibility and service - that is what envases today is all about in a nutshell. A reliable business partner who places great value on accuracy and competitive pricing. Exactly what you as the customer would expect. Whatever your packaging requirements, we have the solution, and if we don't, we can find one quickly.

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Respect and responsibility

  • Passion

  • Teamwork

Looking beyond. Envases through and through.

With around 70 years of experience, we, like no other, know what is important to you. Not only will we set out to identify the best protection for your product, but we also look at the safest and most efficient ways of transporting it in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Printing on tinplate

We can print your design directly on tinplate

metal is a permanent material

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