Tinplate packaging for paint

Perfect for you and your customers

Cans are a perfect and reliable packaging solution for products such as paint, coatings, wood-preservers etc., both for you as a producer as well as for your end-user. Cans are strong but lightweight and fully impervious to air and light. In addition, cans are also resistant to major fluctuations in temperature. They also offer scores of other benefits. For example, cans are also simple to refill and seal with virtually no wastage during the filling process. Envases also produces small cans for the DIY sector and large cans and pails for the professional market, to which a crystal clear printed finish can be applied. And if you want to change the composition of your paint product slightly, or inform the user of a temporary promotion, we can amend the text and/or the image for you both quickly and cost-efficiently. 

Happy to advise on coating systems

Some products might affect the tinplate packaging, or vice versa. To counteract this, we use cans with a protective coating on the inside for those products. Depending on the product that the can is being filled with, you can choose one of the coating systems that we offer. We would be happy to advise you on this.

Supply on demand

You do not want to be waiting for packaging that you don't currently need. But you do want to get hold of it quickly on demand. That is no problem for us. We print the tinplate according to your specifications, and then store it in one of our warehouses. This allows us to produce your packaging whenever you require, on demand.


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Looking beyond. Envases through and through.

With around 70 years of experience, we, like no other, know what is important to you. Not only will we set out to identify the best protection for your product, but we also look at the safest and most efficient ways of transporting it in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Printing on tinplate

We can print your design directly on tinplate

metal is a permanent material

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